1.                  General Rules/Policy

The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.


First place awards will be presented. No awards for 2nd or lower


Pets are prohibited unless they are service animals.  No onsite cooking, grills are not allowed unless a permit has been secured by the host facility.  No alcoholic beverages permitted.


Failure to follow parking instructions from signage, event staff or facility staff will result in your vehicle being towed. Whitpain Recreation Association, Whitpain Township and assignees are not responsible for ticketing or towing.


2. Laws of the Game

All games will be played in accordance with FIFA and USYSA laws, except as specifically modified by these rules.


Heading Policy

Heading the ball is prohibited in U11 games and younger.  At age group divisions U11 and younger, whenever the ball strikes a player in the head, play is stopped.  If deliberate, then the proper restart is an indirect free kick to the opposing team.  If this occurs within the goal area, the indirect  free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.  If the play by the head is deemed inadvertent, then the proper restart is a dropped ball.


3. Eligibility and Registration

All participating teams must be currently registered with their State association and/or US Club Soccer. Teams from states that require permission to travel forms must have them authorized by their State association if this tournament is an out of state tournament for your team.  An official    roster must be submitted.  The roster can be submitted as part of registration or during tournament check in.


The team representative must present a player identification card for each participating player that has been approved by the teams Federation Organization Member (US Club, EPYSA, etc.) Failure to present these cards for any player will deny that player the permission to play.


A maximum of five (5) guest players will be allowed during the tournament.  All guest players are required to have the same information included on the roster as the ‘original’ team members.  No player may play for more than one team in the tournament for the duration of the event.


It is recommended that a team representative have a parent signed medical release form for each player that has been approved by the teams Federation Organization Member.


All teams are responsible for their own insurance.  In the case of injury during travel or while participating in the tournament, Whitpain Recreation Association, Whitpain Township or its assignees will not be liable.


4. Payment and Scheduling for the Tournament/ Showcase

All teams are required to pay no later than 14 days before the commencement of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in your team’s application being declined and not considered for scheduling.


The tournament committee will always aim to publish a preliminary schedule on or around 10 days before the commencement of the tournament/showcase.


5.                  Game Standards

Our Tournament is aligned with the game standards of US Soccer.


Age Group

Ball Size

Game Format

Game Duration

Roster Size





Maximum 12





Maximum 12





Maximum 16





Maximum 16







6.                  Inclement Weather

In the case of severe inclement weather, the Tournament Committee shall have the authority to change the format as follows:

•      Relocate or reschedule any game;

•      Consider as complete a game that has been called by an official once 50% of the game has been played;

•      Cancel any preliminary games that have no bearing on the selection of division winners;

•      Reduce the duration of any game as needed.


No refunds will be made for cancellation in part due to unforeseen circumstances.  In the event of whole cancellation of the tournament, net partial refunds will be made after reasonable administrative  expenses have been paid.


7.                  Substitutions

Substitutions may be made without limit, with the permission of the referee as follows: after a goal has been scored, at any goal kick, at any throw in, after an injury, for a yellow carded player. Please note that a team may substitute on the opposing team’s throw in only if the opposing team makes a substitution.


There will be no substitutions for a player who has received a red card.


8.                  Protests

There will be no protests allowed.


9.                  Games and Equipment

All uniforms must be numbered.  The team listed as the home team should wear light color uniforms, the team listed as the away team should wear dark color uniforms.  In the event of conflicting color jerseys, the home team will be required to change (home team is listed first on the schedule).  Players are required to wear shin guards in accordance with the Laws of the Game.


Players wearing a hard cast must have it covered.  It will be up to the individual referee’s discretion to make sure the cast is covered properly and will not pose a physical danger to any player.  If a referee does not feel the cast is covered sufficiently, then that player will not be able to play.  No metal cleats may be worn during soccer games.  Players may not wear jewelry on the playing field, including metal hair clips.


Game ball will be provided by the home team.  The visiting team should have a suitable replacement.


Be at your field ready to play 20 minutes before game time.  Warmups are not permitted on the field prior to kickoff.


Referee will toss coin with team captains to start the game and choose goal.  The referee, at the direction of tournament staff or at his/her own discretion may forego the coin toss and allow visiting team to select possession or field orientation to keep games on time.



Both coaches must sign game reports. Failure to sign the game card will revoke your teams right to score protests.


Mercy Rule- If your team outscores another team by more than four (4) goals, the score reported online will not exceed a four (4) goal difference. This will not affect the tie breaker rules as the maximum goal difference for calculating a tie breaker is four (4) goals.


No player may be rostered or play on more than one team for the duration of the tournament.


10.              Conduct

Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit and laws of the game.  Players, coaches or spectators ejected from a game by the referee will be required to leave the field area.  Severe misconduct and/or failure to comply with a referee could result in disqualification from the remainder of the tournament.  Coaches will be held accountable for their spectators and all team personnel behavior.


If a player is sent off (red card or two yellow) they will be suspended for at least the next game in the tournament.


Players and coaches shall occupy the opposite side of the field to spectators. No one will be permitted behind either end line.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any game sites.


11.              Failure to Show and Forfeits

There will be a 5-minute grace time allowed for teams not at the field of play at the scheduled time of kick-off.  The opponent shall be awarded a 2-0 win for the match.  A minimum of six (6) players is required for 9v9 and five (5) for 7v7 games.


In no event shall a team who forfeits a game be eligible for first place awards. The team with the next best record or point total shall be declared the award winner.


12.              Determination of Division Winners –

Each win counts for three points, each tie for one point. All games in the initial phase shall carry equal weight, both in-group games and cross-over games. At the end of play, the division champion will be the team with the most win/tie points. In the event of a tie within the division, the following criteria will be used to determine the division champion and finalist, in the following order:


a)   Head to Head Competition- Head-to-head shall only be utilized in the event of a two-way tie and will no longer be utilized in the event of a tie among three or more teams.

b)  Goal Differential – up to plus-4 or minus-4 units awarded per game.

c)   Accumulated Goals Against – The team with the fewest goals allowed shall prevail.

d)  Accumulated Goals Scored – limit of 4 per game

e)   Penalty shootout- This is for groups of 6 only where the top 2 teams did not play the same two  teams in their first 2 games.


Penalty Shootout Rules

·         All shootouts are the best of 5 and if the shootout is tied after five shooters then the shootout goes into sudden death.

·          Only players that are on the field when the final whistle blows can participate in the shootout.

·          Once the player begins their approach to the ball they must be moving forward at all times and are not allowed to stop before making contact with the ball.