Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer 

Cup Competition Referee Guidelines 

Thank you for agreeing to be part of the 2020-2021 Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Cup Competitions. This year more than ever it will be important to be flexible and openly communicate as we deal with regular changes (weather and otherwise) along with the unknowns that we still face with Covid-19. Below you will find helpful links for all Cup Competitions.  

         Please note that you will be required to enter scores by 11pm of the day the game is played 

         The Pin # for ALL Cup Competitions is 3640 (this should not be shared with anyone) 

          You will follow the directions below to log into GotSport to enter the game score using the public Schedule page listed for each event. 

         If there are no cards (yellow/red) issued in the game, you are not required to upload the Game Card.  

         If any cards are issued, you will be required to upload the Game Card. To do so, either take a picture on your phone and attach the file by following the instructions below or scan and attach from a scanner/copier and computer. 

Helpful Information: 

         How to enter scores and cards into GotSport - click here 

         NCS State Cup Rules & Important Dates & (12U-17U) Schedules 

         Presidents Cup Rules & Important Dates & Schedules 

         Challenge Cup Rules & Important Dates & Schedules 

         EPSARC Fan behavior memo 


Thanks in advance, 


Tim Snyder