John, Just a reminder & some new stuff.

All referees should start their watch at 6:30PM, whether players are ready or not. This means the 1st half will be over at 7:05 in March. The game does not have to start at 6:30PM, but the referee’s clock will.

In April, we are asking two 40- minute halves each. The first half should be over at 7:10 PM. Added time will be added due to a serious injury. This is a no slide tackle league.

Shin guards are mandatory for all players!  (We are not the New York Red Bulls!)

Video cameras have been installed at Sleighton Park to protect the park from being vandalized. They have ability to identify a car’s license plate number. They evidently have a person monitoring the tape based on past events.

This is not the World Cup; this is an easy-going Rec League with skilled players. We pride ourselves on being able to walk off the field after game and being able to go to work the next day without injury.  If they need something more serious, we currently have three more competitive teams that they can be fed into via tryout.

With that said all referees are encouraged to show yellow or even a red card if the foul calls for it. RTSC Management believes a card does hinder escalation.

As always thank you for your time and effort into assigning the quality of referees that we have for our games.

 Fred Potts

R.T.S.C. Director of Coaching