U8 - 6v6 Specific Rules

A. Goalkeeper will wear a pinny or different colored shirt than teammates.
B. Soccer cleats and shin guards must be worn.
C. All free kicks will be indirect. For fouls in the goal box (ie, hand ball, tripping, etc) same rules apply and indirect will be taken from outside box closest to wear the foul occurred.
D. Kick-ins will restart the game from the touchlines (sides).
E. Corner kicks or goal kicks will restart the game from end lines.
F.  Players will retreat 5 yards from corner kicks and kick-ins from the touchlines.
G. Players will retreat to the half line during goal kicks.  They can proceed to the ball after the ball is put into play.

H. “NO PARENT COACHING”….Please cheer on all players.
I.  No scores or standings will be kept.

J. Substitutions at goal kicks, goals, kick-ins, injury, yellow card by either team.

L. Goal Kicks will be taken from anywhere on the top of the goal area box.
M. No offsides.

N. Goalies cannot punt the ball past half line.
0. Ball Size -  Size 4

P. All games are 6v6

R. Coaches will ensure games stay balanced in scores. If the game is getting significantly unbalanced, coaches to agree to add/remove a player and work together to ensure both teams learn and get something out of each game. No one ’wins’ or learns with games that are significantly lopsided and teams that consistently blowout teams without attempting to control it will not be allowed back to future Nether tournaments