International Team Walk-Out




1.Complete the Coin Toss†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††  

2.  Teams line up facing the pitch, on the bench side of the field on the touchline, either side of the Referee and ARs, with the Referee standing in the middle, where the half-way line meets the touchline.

3.  Referee leads and the two ARs and teams follow (one following each AR), into the field along the half way line towards the center mark.

4.  When the Referee meets the junction of the half way line and the center circle, the Referee continues straight ahead to the center mark and stops.

5.  With the teams following, when the ARís meet the junction of the half way line and the center circle, the ARís go left and right (as appropriate,) following the center circle. When they get to that part of the center circle †††that is in line with the center mark, the ARís turn right and left (as appropriate) and stop when they get to where the Referee is standing Ėon the center mark.

6.  The teams should now be lining up from one edge of the center circle through the center mark flanking the Referee and ARs, to the other edge of the center circle- facing the crowd.

7.  At the Refereeís signal the home team should now pass in front of the Referee and the ARís and the away team for the exchange of handshakes.

8.  After the home team has passed along the line, the away team then passes in the opposite direction for the handshake with the Referee and ARís.

9.  Both teams then break away Reserves return to the Team area, starters go to their positions for the kick off.