The 12 Laws of Rose Tree Soccer Adult League


1) All players must wear shin guards! I don’t care what you done in the past. The referee will enforce this law or I will not let them back.

2) The referees are my friends! (Exaggerating!) They have been highly qualified in the past. I see no reason why this will not continue. You don’t have any right to criticize, yell, scream or even discuss calls with them.

3) The jewelry, necklaces, fit bits come off before the game.

4) This is a no slide tackle league. Stay on your feet! All other FIFA rules apply!

5) We had a great winter league. The best yet, the games were always competitive and close but attendance plays an important role in the outcome of the game. An important player misses the game, the team can lose by a lot.

6) Goal keepers may be the most important player in the league. I think I have three for a 4 team league. 2 of the 3 goalies are floaters. Please rotate players in goal if you do not have one for a game. If you know a keeper, please recruit him for me.

7) Captains are in charge of their respective teams!  They are usually experienced players with decent personalities. Captains, please have a plan on where everybody is playing and a subbing roatation.

8) Everybody has to go work the next day after a game. This is not the World Cup. Our over 45 league has just as many players playing as you do. We would like you to keep playing for the next 10 years with us.

9) I will have a medical kit at the top of the hill between the two fields at Sleighton with ice packs.

10 Many of you started playing with us three times a year. Be aware the opponent you “snapped out” on in the spring,  will be a teammate in the next session. I expect you to know your teammates’ names after one game. I expect you to know everybody’s name in the league at the end of the season. If not, ask me, I will inform you.

11 On/Off the field behavior, FOUL LANGUAGE IS PROBHITED, many of you may have children at the game. Park users will be watching us. Pa. State Police frequently patrol the area.

12 Game shirts are needed to be worn. Each referee receives a roster before the game. Your shirt number identifies you to the referee.